Episode #10: How to Design a Pleasure Product with Mattias Hulting [Pioneers Track]

Mattias Hulting, founder of ramblin' brands, shares his fascinating journey from P&g to smile makers, a pleasure product company on the SPARK stage: Konversations.

How did Ramblin's Brands decide on "The Fireman", "The Millionaire", "The Tennis Coach" among other fantasy names for their first line of sex toys? Mattias tells us the story (it's a good one).

Swedish-born but globally raised, Mattias Hulting is the founder of Ramblin' Brands, a Singapore-based consumer goods company with business across Asia and Europe. With 10+ years of experience in the beauty care business across Scandinavia and Asia, Mattias was inspired to found Ramblin' Brands through his passion for disruptive innovation that takes people by surprise and with an aim to revolutionize consumer categories that have room to grow. Smile Makers, the company’s first brand, has done just that in the sexual wellness industry, being awarded some of the most prestigious design awards and beating brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple.

Erin Chen