Episode #3: Down there & all over with Dr. Chris Fox [Self Love Track]

Presented by Smile Makers

Dr. Chris Fox closes our self love track with a talk on the myths and truths about masturbation on the SPARK stage: Konversations.

Why did Dr. Fox almost bring a box of Special K for every attendee at his talk? The answer is related to masturbation (whaaa).

Dr Christopher Fox is an international educator and speaker on human sexuality and sexology, upholding the belief that everyone has a right to a fulfilling and healthy sex life. He is an experienced lecturer, trainer and therapist and has worked with sexual and gender diversity, as well as sexual health and wellbeing, for over twenty years. Having been frequently asked to consult on issues related to human sexuality, sexual health and wellbeing, Dr Christopher now runs Sex Life Therapy, a private sex and relationship therapy practice and consulting business in Melbourne, Australia.

Erin Chen