To spark new conversations about sexuality & normalize sexual wellness as a part of everyday wellness. Let’s take the shame & awkwardness out of sex!

Our Mission


A world where sexual wellness is considered a vital & normal part of everyday wellness, for a happy healthy life

The Dream


Because it is an important part of being human and it impacts our physical, emotional, self and relational happiness. Yet, it remains a taboo! But how can we change something if we can’t even have a conversation about it?



It is time we start to #breakthewall


We are very lucky to be joined by people in our community who share this dream with us. SPARK Fest Asia would not exist without them. This includes our sister festival, Green is the New Black, our strategic partners, our amazing volunteers and other wonderful local advocacy and community groups working on similar missions.

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is a sexual wellness advocate and a sex + relationships counsellor. As a sexual wellness advocate, Erin stands for the inclusion of sexual wellness as part of everyday healthy living. She holds a Masters degree in Sexual Health Counselling from the University of Sydney. Watch Erin's TEDx talk on sexual intelligence.

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Sinnead Ali



is passionate about using yoga as a tool for creating deeper connections between people and living a more emotionally intelligent and conscious life. She is a yoga teacher from the UK and currently resides in Singapore. Her latest project is a story sharing platform for women called Soul Guided.